01 January 2023

Looking Back at 2022

2022 was a big leap for me with respect to video creation. The turning point was when I took Vistadome train journey from Udupi to Bangalore in January. During the journey, I met Vir Kotian, a multimedia professional from Mumbai. Within a span of a few hours, he inspired me to take a plunge for being a serious video creator.

Here's the quick edit which composed from best video shots from 2022 

My Resources:

The major change has been my primary shooting device - DJI Osmo Pocket 2, which I feel is most under rated device in current era. The brilliantly engineered device which is handy for family man like me as most of the time while traveling I end up shooting in only one hand while holding my younger one in another :)

Long time Back:

I have been on Youtube since 2006-07,  in fact my very first video posted in 2007 during my South Korea still get comments from people from 20 year old age group saying this video was uploaded when I was 2, 5 year old !!!. 

Feather in the cap:

The most viewed video on my channel has been Deepika Padukone's intro scene in Om Shanti Om. I had shot that using Canon S2 IS point-n-shot camera in a single screen theatre and had reluctantly uploaded in Youtube. In my dream's I would have never thought people would be appreciative about this video 15 years down the line. Infact, as per comments of people it seems Deepika Padukone herself had shared this on her twitter timeline.


It's always glad to see people giving you motivating comments like I was way ahead of time ! :)

Looking forward for exciting 2022:
And other major stepping stone in 2022 was launch of Gaalipata Youtube channel with my blogging buddy Raveesh. We have been making attempt at unique content through this venture and looking forward to create more interesting videos in 2023 !

01 December 2022

Analysis Kantara Phenomenon

In our latest episode in Gaalipata channel, we do a deep dive into the following aspects that made the film Kantara, a global phenomenon.
  • Connect with Belief System
  • Relatable Story
  • Marketing Acumen
  • Cinematic Framework
  • Sustaining Momentum


17 August 2022

Taking plunge into Vlog/Podcast

I finally managed to take a serious plunge youtubing by launching a youtube channel "Gaalipata" with my blogging buddy Raveesh Kumar on Indian independence day - August 15, 2022. A kite flying in limitless sky symbolises freedom of expression. Conversations in Kannada about numerous subtle experiences of life is the central theme of "Gaalipata" (means kite in Kannada language) YouTube channel. 

In our very first episode, we discuss about our celebrations related to 75 years of India's independence and later in detail review the latest Kannada movie Gaalipata-2. We also flash back to 14 years to discuss our excitement when our blog post on review of Gaalipata-1 was featured in a Kannada ezine in 2008.

02 January 2021

Shande's experience on HOMP

Highway on my podcast (HOMP) was one of the by-product of COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, an initiative by pioneers of travel show - Rocky and Mayur along with show's director Abhinandan and cameraman Prashant. The podcast was go to channel for me during lockdown period. One of the interesting aspect of the podcast was encouraging listeners to share their personal experiences over email and which were read out in various episodes. 

Below is the email which I had shared with the team and which was read out in Diu/Daman episode.

Hi Abhinandan, Rocky, Mayur & Prashant,

This is Sandeep (nickname Shande). Basically a Kannadiga, born in Uttar Pradesh and now very much in Bengaluru !

Thanks a ton for the lovely stories and also behind the scene anecdotes. You have been my friends during this tough lockdown period esp. while doing mundane household chores and lonely strolls around my home.

I used to miss most of your HOMP episodes when it was aired around 2010  - mainly due to 2 hours one-way commute from office and on weekends, I used to be busy with activities related to my photography club (Bangalore Photowalk). 

I have been an avid traveler for the last 15 years. Apart from covering many places in my home state Karnataka, I have traveled across other states - Ladakh, Himachal, Sikkim, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Maharashtra, M.P., Punjab etc. and most recent was one to Gujarat with my family in Dec 2019. Your podcast has helped me to cherish all my personal moments and many things which I have missed out. Farali Kachori at Jamnagar looks to be a big miss for me ! wish I had your guidebooks/podcasts handy during my Gujarat trip :)

I am a vegetarian and not a very serious foodie. However, I would like to recall following moments
  • Pav Bhaji at Supreme Corner, JM Road, Pune - it was during the demonetisation period and I had 3 hundred rupee notes in my pocket. One of which was utilized at this hotel :)
  • Kotte Kadabu at Cafe Mysore, Mathunga, Mumbai
  • Karela Pyaz + Butter Chapathi at Bhagat Tarachand, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
  • Aloo Paratha+Chai at a roadside restaurant at Orchha.
  • Veg Thukpa at a canteen next to Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim
  • Gujarati Thali with Bajra roti at low-brow restaurant at Bachou (on the way to Bhuj, photograph below)
  • A cup of cardamom tea at Singhik - North Sikkim with a magnificent view of Teestha River Valley
  • Kachori - Chai at a tela in central Jaipur during early morning winters
  • Jigarthanda at Besantnagar beach Chennai
  • Gudbud at Diana Hotel, Udupi
  • and Hot Idly, Dosas with chutney at any darshani in Bengaluru :) 
Gujarati Thali at Bachau, Gujarat

I have listed down multiple places mentioned during your podcast and wish I cover these places once the lock down period is over.
  • Sadarji's hotel near Assembly house, Lucknow
  • Sharma Dhabha, Jaipur
  • Rajma Chawal at Pahalgam  
  • Radha Paratha House, Porbandar
  • Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad
  • Lee's Kitchen, Uttarakhand
  • Durga Mantap, Bhuvaneshwar
  • Sharma Vaishno Dhaba - near Chel, Himachal 
  • <many more>
And please let me know the coordinates of the Ghee Dosa place which you mentioned in the Karnataka podcast :) 

More than food, photography has been the primary motivation for me and below are a few photographs I would like to share with you all. You can see more at my blog (www.naanushande.com). I have not been active for the last 2 years. But your podcasts have given me a lot of kick to get back to writing. 

And finally thanks for adding me to your mailing list. I have been receiving updates from Episode 12 and not sure  how to access the previous ones ? Is it archived somewhere ? Also, similarly please see if there's a way to archive the lovely emails from fellow HOMPers which you read out during your episodes.

I am very much excited to see you guys back on the road and would be happy to contribute to HOMP initiatives in whatever possible way from my side.

Please buzz me when you are here in Bengaluru, I stay < 1 km from Vidyarthi Bhavan  :)


A few photographs from my trips across India

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

Mt. Kanchenjunga as seen from Pelling, West Sikkim

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Cenotaphs at Orchha, MP

Adinath Temple, Khajaraho, MP

Khuri Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

Puri Beach, Orissa

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Ibrahim Rouza, Bijapur, Karnataka

Landscape at Chikmagalur, Karnataka

01 January 2021

Gujarat Trip: Brief Itinerary

Here's the brief itinerary our Gujarat trip which was executed in December 2019. As mentioned, in my retrospect post that Gujarat is quite a large state and has signature destination across all corners. We had to skip Statue of Unity, Mandvi, Diu, Junagad to accommodate Kutch (White Desert), Bhuj in our itinerary and had to be considerate about senior citizens and a small kid in our group.

Day-0: 6th Dec 2019
  • Departure from Bangalore and Arrival at Ahmedabad
  • Check-in at Toran Hotel (in front of Sabarmati Ashram)

Day-1: 7th Dec 2019
  • Early morning visit to Sabarmati Ashram
  • Started journey towards Dwarka
  • Stopover at Jamnagar in the evening - visited Ram dhun mandir and Lakhota lake/palace
  • Drive through Reliance refinery and stopover for dinner at a highway hotel
  • Reached Dwarka at 11.00 pm + and checked-in at Toran behind lighthouse

Day-2: 8th Dec 2019
  • Drive to Okha and took a steamer to Bet Dwarka
  • Lunch at a low-brow eat out near Okha
  • Visit to Nageshwar Temple
  • Visit to Sunset point near Toran Hotel
  • Darshan at Dwarkdish temple to witnessed evening aarti - (no cameras, mobiles allowed)
  • Dinner at a small restaurant near Dwarka temple

Day-3: 9th Dec 2019
  • Early morning wake-up and walked to Gomti Ghat and surrounding locations
  • Early morning darshan of Dwarkadish
  • Started drive towards Porbandar reached there by noon time
  • Visited Gandhiji's birth place
  • Started drive towards Somnath - lunch at a low-brow Dhabha
  • Stopover at Madapura beach for brief time
  • Reached Somnath at 6 pm and checked-in at Sagardarshan Guest house
  • Walked to Somnath temple but missed 7 pm aarti - (no cameras, mobiles allowed)
  • Watched sound & light show at 8 pm

Day-4: 10th Dec 2019
  • Early morning walk to Somnath temple and witnessed 7 am aarti
  • Had breakfast at cafeteria in Sagar Darshan guest house
  • Started drive towards Gir around 11 am
  • Lunch opposite to Gir safari reporting office
  • Started safari ride at 3 pm and it went up till 6 pm
  • Started drive towards Bhuj instead of staying overnight around Gir
  • Stayed overnight at Oyo hotel near Rajkot

Day-5: 11th Dec 2019
  • Continued journey towards Bhuj (post breakfast)
  • Lunch at a low-brow eat our near Bachao
  • Reached Bhuj around 4 pm and visited Aaina Mahal, Prag Mahal
  • Checked-in Hotel White Desert in Bhuj Cantonment
  • Dinner at one of the eateries near the hotel (there were lot of options !)

Day-6: 12th Dec 2019
  • Started towards Dhordo (post breakfast)
  • Completed permit formalities at Bhirandiyara
  • Visit to Kaladungar - highest point in Kutch
  • Checked in at Toran Rann Resort and also at White Rann Resort
  • Visit to Zero point of White Desert (5 km drive) - Witnessed Sunset 
  • Walked around the desert and witnessed Moon rise (it was a full moon day !)
  • Back to Hotel for dinner
  • Night drive to Zero point and witnessed the moonlight illuminated landscape

Day-7: 13th Dec 2019
  • Early morning walk around Dhordo and witnessed sunrise
  • Re-visited zero point to experience landscape of white desert during broad daylight 
  • Shopping of handicrafts, clothing at the exhibitions stalls at Dhordo (next to Rann Utsav village)
  • Started drive back to Ahmedabad
  • Reached Ahmedabad late night and checked-in at Toran Hotel

Day-8: 14th Dec 2019
  • Early morning walk to Sabarmati Ashram
  • Visit to Akshardam Temple - no cameras, mobiles allowed
  • Lunch at Food court in the temple
  • Came back hotel and visited Sabarmati Ashram for shopping etc.
  • Took a late evening flight from Ahmedabad
  • Reached Bangalore around midnight

Hope this helps in planning your Gujarat trip. If you have any queries please post a comment here or send me an email at sandeep@shande.in