01 January 2023

Looking Back at 2022

2022 was a big leap for me with respect to video creation. The turning point was when I took Vistadome train journey from Udupi to Bangalore in January. During the journey, I met Vir Kotian, a multimedia professional from Mumbai. Within a span of a few hours, he inspired me to take a plunge for being a serious video creator.

Here's the quick edit which composed from best video shots from 2022 

My Resources:

The major change has been my primary shooting device - DJI Osmo Pocket 2, which I feel is most under rated device in current era. The brilliantly engineered device which is handy for family man like me as most of the time while traveling I end up shooting in only one hand while holding my younger one in another :)

Long time Back:

I have been on Youtube since 2006-07,  in fact my very first video posted in 2007 during my South Korea still get comments from people from 20 year old age group saying this video was uploaded when I was 2, 5 year old !!!. 

Feather in the cap:

The most viewed video on my channel has been Deepika Padukone's intro scene in Om Shanti Om. I had shot that using Canon S2 IS point-n-shot camera in a single screen theatre and had reluctantly uploaded in Youtube. In my dream's I would have never thought people would be appreciative about this video 15 years down the line. Infact, as per comments of people it seems Deepika Padukone herself had shared this on her twitter timeline.


It's always glad to see people giving you motivating comments like I was way ahead of time ! :)

Looking forward for exciting 2022:
And other major stepping stone in 2022 was launch of Gaalipata Youtube channel with my blogging buddy Raveesh. We have been making attempt at unique content through this venture and looking forward to create more interesting videos in 2023 !

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