15 August 2008

Independence Day status messages

Happy Independence Day! Just wanted to share a observation of the day. I don't want make any judgment here but just want to share a thought. Looking at the status messages of my friends/colleagues today, I feel that patriotism of a person towards his country will be more when he/she is outside his/her homeland. May be a obvious point but today's observation confirmed it. Most of the status messages of my friends in videsh had an indication towards India's Independence Day which was not the case with my friends in India with one or two exceptions.

Here are a few snapshot of gtalk status messages of some friends/colleagues outside India.

Manish M: present coordinates - Mountain View, California

Sudhir aka Ski: present coordinates - Arizona State University. A panta for keeping spoofed status messages, had a simple status message for the day.

Harish: present coordinates - University of Florida

Shreesh Ayachit: present coordinates - Paris, France

Harsha: present coordinates - Seoul, South Korea

Santosh: present coordinates - Seoul, South Korea. Had a status message indicating unity in diversity of India.

Similar messages were absent from my friend's status who are in India at present. What's the real reason ... Any comments ?

[I have erased out e-mail id in snapshot for security reasons]


  1. Man ! Too much and too good !
    You observed it rite, in fact today there's a free lunch provided by Indian hotel owners in Tempe. I dont know whether the feeling is 'grass looks greener on the other side' or do we really miss our nation...

  2. very observation,,,

    I would say ... people outside INDIA just express it and people in INDIA don't .. nothing to do with extent of patriotism....

  3. 1. its implicit
    2. they are back home for the long weekend :)

  4. @ski: how was the free lunch ?

    @manish: people in India express it by participating/viewing in a flag hoisting ceremony, similar opportunity
    people outside India usually don't have .. so the expression comes off in their status message.

    @chethan: thanks for the comments, you have commented after a long time :) ... I agree with your second point because majority of people in India were traveling.

  5. Anonymous3:50 PM

    jai hind jai bharat

  6. Akib Ali Shah7:47 PM

    india is now free...!! but !!!!!