26 August 2007

Watching 239 not out at PVR

Friday, 24th August I saw Mungaaru Male for the second time at PVR. The movie was running at the multiplex for 239th day. Some say this number is record for any movie @ PVR.

We(myself, tassa & ande) went for evening 7.15 show. It was like a get together for us, as Tassa was leaving to Mumbai next day.

Taking about the movie, things have changed a lot from the time I saw the movie for the first time.

Then(20th Jan 07)

Now(Aug 24th 07)

The movie was just a technically good Kannada movie. It is biggest hit of Kannada film industry and on a track to become biggest blockbuster of South
There wasn't even a wikipedia page for the movie.Now there is not only full fledged wikipedia page but there
dedicated blog www.mungarumale.in where updates about the movie are posted regularly. One can get mungaru male email-id also :)
Movie's protaganist was known more as Comedy Time Ganesha.Now he is heartthrob of the Kannada film industry. His recent movies Hudugata, Cheluvina Chittara are also successful.

While watching for the second time, I saw more from technical angle. Mainly cinematography, how each frame is composed and also the background score. The screenplay and dialogues are amazing. But I feel the director has neglected make up of Sanjana Gandhi. She is looking weird in most of the frames except in marriage sequence, in which she is wearing traditional coorgi dress .

The movie is 239 not out. Lets see how long it runs. Recently movie bagged many Karnataka State Awards. Hope it makes mark in National Film Awards too.

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