21 December 2007

naanushande.com blocked in my office !!!

Yesterday, when I tried to access my blog in my company. The websense threw this error.

Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.

Reason: Block URLs of type Humor/Jokes
Well, a few months back blogspot domain was blocked in our company. Therefore I moved to custom domain www.naanushande.com, so that my blog is accessible in my company.
But two weeks back all of sudden 'blogspot block' was revoked. Seems IT people started targeting blogs on custom domain and my blog is one of the victims.
Only thing I can do is consider this as an achievement since IT people of my company think that my colleagues waste their precious time reading my blog :)


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  2. Then start writing technical articles.. then it will not be blocked..

  3. hi can u let me k now the cost u incurred for Andaman trip organised by YHAI. was it per head cost per family.

  4. it was around 20K per head .. including onward journey by ship and return by air.