08 January 2008

10000 visitors !!!

Sunil Gavaskar on March 7 1987, Sachin Tendulkar on March 31 2001 and BSE Sensex on Feb 7 2006 have something in common. Yes you guessed it right, it is crossing of magical figure 10000 in some respect.

Similarly, today my blog has crossed the magical figure of 10000 visitors. Hurray !!!

Thanks to all and keep visiting.


  1. I am part of History now. I even I contributed some clicks and comments in u r blog

  2. 10,000 in 1 day. Dang, I have been blogging for years and still not close to that number.

  3. 10K in 1 day ??. No, it's the cumulative visitor count since June 2006.

  4. Cool. Keep going> You have one more reader>