27 July 2008

Bangalore Photowalk 4.0

Alankar Plaza The fourth Bangalore photowalk was held as per plan from Alankar Plaza to Malleshwaram circle. This time Karthik gave me responsibility of leading the walk as he was traveling out of Bangalore on the same day afternoon. I along the with my friend Hemanth reached 'Alankar Plaza' at 7.45 am. There two people Deepak and Vinod joined us. Also, my colleague friend - Sundeep Gupta joined us at sharp 8 am. The low turn out was expected due to serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad on previous two days. The unfortunate developments might have dampened the enthusiasm of the participants.

There weren't any latecomers and at 8.10 am sharp we started the walk with five partcipants. Blast or no blasts the show must go on! First we crossed the K.G. Road by walking over the overbridge. Then we took a right and continued the walk on SC Road. There we walked in front of Triveni, Aparna and Kapali theatres. A few steps further, we came across locally famous Anamma temple and a old cinema hall Movieland .

Anamma Temple Seeing cameras in our hands many touts in the vicinity considered us to be tourist and approached us with offers of accommodation, sight seeing trips! Ignoring these people we continued and reached Anand Rao Circle Flyover. From Anand Rao Circle we took a road towards Seshadripuram circle. In the stretch we came across old Bangalore Supply Company building which now belongs to BESCOM. Before reaching the Sehshadripuram circle we walked under a railway bridge.

Railway Engine At Sheshadripuram circle we took photographs of fruit and vegetable vendours in a market next to the Police Station. Considering the volatile situation, we intentionally avoided snaps of police station to avoid any headaches. At the junction we took a left, after Nataraj theatre we took a right and continued our walk on Sirur Park Road. While walking on this road a Ragpicker insisted us to take his photograph. A few yards further we came across a playground in which more than five cricket games were going on simultaneously, not unusual in a city like Bangalore! A 5 minutes walk(including a right and a left) from the playground led us to the Malleshwaram underpass ending the quite longish photowalk.

Photowalkers To continue the tradition of previous photowalk i.e. having breakfast at a famous or a low-brow eating outlet, this time we had breakfast at Hallimane which is just two cross away from the Malleshwaram circle.

- My photographs are shared at flickr set - Bangalore photowalk 4.0
- Find deepak's photographs at deepurocks -flickr


  1. Anonymous8:48 PM

    Nice report, Shande...even if the turnout was low, it is really gratifying that you continued the tradition!

    Hallimane food must have been soooper!

  2. hi ahumanbean,
    thanks for comments.
    regarding hallimane other than food we liked the ambiance too.