11 November 2008

Penta Cites # 5

Two great Indian cricket players hanging up their boots in back to back test matches, created a lot of discussion in web. But the biggest newsmaker of the week was Barack Obama who will be breaking 'white' jinx of the White House. Let's start with cricket first.

Sports/Cricket/Saurav Ganguly.

Ganguly's career can be looked at in two ways - that of a gifted cricketer who never quite fully delivered on his full potential as a batsman. Or that of a deeply flawed cricketer who hung in and achieved more than he should have thanks to his self-belief.

Gaurav saying bid adieu to Dada in his blog Vantage point

Sports/Cricket/Anil Kumble.

Kumble was never a dramatic bowler. His armory lacked anything that had the flair of an Akram in-swinger or of a Waqar toe-crusher or of a Warne’s pitch-outside-leg-and-take-out-off-stump delivery or of Murali’s doosra. People wouldn’t bunk classes and slink away to the TV in the common room when he came onto bowl, unlike what they would do when Sachin came into bat.

Great bong's in his post Leaving On The Jumbo Jet and explaining why Kumble was never a box-office cricketer


There's nothing like a mortgage mess, a falling stock market and a looming recession to turn voters against the incumbent party and toward an articulate merchant of hope.

A write-up in International Herald Tribune on people's expectations from Obama.

Business/ Mobile Phones

So unless the boys and girls in Chicago can get their Android-supportin' butts in gear on the double, we could see a drop to number three within a quarter or two.

A post in engadget warning Motorola to buckle up, after getting dethroned No.2 by Samsung in U.S market

Economic Crisis

Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.

A famous quote of Warren Buffet used in a Business-week article indicating that best innovations have taken during recessions.

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