05 January 2009

Bangalore Photowalk 6.0

Decorated for New YearThe Sixth Bangalore Photowalk was on new year day and unlike previous photowalks this one was conducted in evening. The idea of conducting an evening photowalk was suggested by Sam Saternal one of the partipicants of fifth Photowalk especially brigade road or commercial street in places illuminated with flashy signs.

It took a long time for the sixth of edition of photowalk to materialize. I was out of Bangalore for a three-month-biz-trip and others members of the group didn't took sufficient initiative to have a walk.

Pay n ParkBut a few days before the new year day Anita initiated a thread in the group for bringing life back into the group and discussion switched when & where to have next photowalk. Subsequently Prasad chipped in with an idea of having a walk on new year day preferably at Brigade Road in evening and finally I added Sam's suggestion to the discussion.

After having brief discussion with Anita, I came with a route starting at defunct Opera theatre in Bridage road and ending point at Woody's commercial street. The major purpose of the walk was capture light decorations at brigade road for new year.

The walk started at 6 pm with six particpiants myself, Anita, Prasad, Deepak, Deepa and Phalgun. I was very much enthusiastic about the walk in order to try out my new Nikon 50 mm lens which delivers pretty well in low light and is ideal for tack street photography.

Brigade GlowsignsThe shooting went on pretty well and as usual there were some passerby asking curious questions, Is this a photography competition? Are u from a news agency etc. I also met a few of my friends who had come to Brigade road for shopping. The very first expression was ... What arrrreee youuuu doing here ?. Also I met one of the member of Bangalore Weekend Shoot group and discussed about the events their group had recently.

Regarding photography I shot the various glow-sign boards and some shops brimming with customers. In particular, I was looking for a composition with a person carrying 3-4 bags in his hands. But surprisingly, I could not find a single person carrying so many bags. Seems all had come to the place just for just for a hang-out or window shopping.

BanglesAfter completing the Brigade Road stretch we moved towards Commercial Street by crossing MG Road. While moving on Kamaraj Road, there was lean patch besides Manekshaw ground as we didn't had any flashy stuffs to shoot. However Phalgun tried out some long exposure shots keeping camera on compound of the ground.

Proceeding further we entered commercial street. The ambience was different and compared to Brigade road there were no light decorations. But to shoot there were different subjects such roadside bangle shops and footwear shops.

Ragi MasaleThen we entered our final destination Woody's. It's not really a low brow eat-out but one of the oldest eat-out in commercial street and serves variety of south Indian fast foods. From the menu I chose to have Ragi Masale, a combination which I never had before. After having food we discussed potential locations for next photowalks and finally decided to conclude the walk. Thanks to all participants of the walk and special thanks to Anita and Prasad.


  1. Didn't cover Kalasipalya market?

  2. Not yet ... In winters it will be dark in early morning.

  3. Anonymous11:41 AM

    so lot of slr activity happening :)