18 July 2009

Hariharapura visit

A year ago Sudhir a.k.a Ski had commented to my "Travelogues are boring?" post that .. How about making a audio-video presentation. That's exactly I have done for my recent trip to Hariharapura(my native place). Snaps are composed into a video embedded below.

Some highlights of the trip
  • Getting to Hariharapura was equivalent to a mini-adventure. Normally it's just an overnight journey, atmost 10 hrs. But the day I traveled was an exception. By the time I was supposed to be in Harihurapura, I witnessed my Bus moving here and there in Balehonnur finding a way to Sringeri. Due to incessant rains on one of the routes(via Koppa) the bridge was completely submerged in water and the other route(via Jayapura) was blocked by a fallen tree. So we were forced to halt at the bus-stand for 6 hours! Guess what I did for 6 hours ? I just slept in the bus to annul the sleep deficit I had accumulated for last one week !

  • When things were getting back to normal (by afternoon), our Nishmita Motors driver was missing and busy taking a nap at his relative's place. So instead of waiting for him, I along with other co-passengers decided to take the first TCS bus to Koppa(via Melpaalu). Well, TCS means Transport Co-operative Society not the software firm based in Mumbai :). And from Koppa I took another bus to reach Hariharapura.

  • My on-the-spot companion for this brief journey was Umesh, an employee of Syndicate Bank(Belgaum). He had recently completed training in Bangalore and was getting back to his duty at Belgaum. He taken a day break to meet his parents near Koppa and was too worried about wasting his precious 6 hours at Balehonnur. Enroute to Koppa (via Melpalu) Umesh showed me schools in which he studied and also showed me Tea estates owned by big industrialists and tea factories adjacent to the estates.

  • In evening along with Harsha I visited some prominent locations of Hariharapura to witness the havoc created by heavy rains. The water level was so high that Asvata Katte in front of Sri-Matha was completely submerged and the level was just 4-5 feet below Tunga Setuve(hanging bridge).

  • Second day I visited Hacharu house, Someshwara temple and Sri-Matha. To be on safer side I left Hariharapura early at 6 pm by taking a bus to Sringeri. There after completing darshana at Sharadambha Temple I boarded a night bus to Bangalore.

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  1. I've visited Hariharapura few times few decades ago-my uncle used to stay there... Saharaka sarige buses are very famous...

  2. I've visited Hariharapura...i like it so...much...my wd b stay there...really i like it..very beautiful place...