11 February 2013

Retrospect: Aero India 2013

On 9th,10th Feb 2013, the epicenter in Bangalore shifted from various malls and pubs to northern part of city in Yelahanka Air Force Station for bi-annual show of metal birds. I was very keen on attending the 2013 edition as I had missed last two editions for being out of Bangalore. Infact, in 2007 due to some confusion I didn't event take my prosumer camera to the show.

Overall it was a decent outing with fellow photographers from Bangalore Photowalk. Here're a few of my thoughts about the show

  • Suryakirans were a big miss. The signature performace from previous editions was missed by all aerobatic enthusiasts.
  • Russian knights put up a decent show but it was too tough for them fit into big void created by Suryakirans.

Display/Show Area
  • The static display of a few monster aircrafts blocked the view for most people. From next time organizers should ensure that people from exhibition area show have a proper view of the aerobatics.
  • The loud speakers used for commentary on the show were not loud enough. Many of us missed on the information which would have complemented overall experience of the show.

Ticketing at AXIS Bank:
  • The guy at the counter didn't have proper keyboard skill. The UI of the software was pathetic. Attaching RFID tag was all laborious process. 
  • On top of all the above things at AXIS bank was done by a single person. 
  • There was no priorirty for people who had booked the tickets online. 

  • Food courts could be bigger and more organized. It was very sad to see many people end up sitting on the ground.
  • Surprisingly all refreshments bottled water, coke, red bull were sold at MRP ! which very rare in mass events when outside food is strictly prohibited inside venues.

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