27 June 2006

Krrish: Bollywood's Superhero

The much awaited Desi Bollywood Superhero Krrish has arrived. There were discussion in media from last week about desi superheroes. Is Krrish the first Bollywood superhero ??. Whatever there were great expectations from this movie.

Overall movie fails to be a good package. Music is big letdown, songs are not even at average level. Bollywood movie without good songs is analogous to Hollywood movie without steamy scenes !!!.

However execution of last 30 minutes (climax) is good with stunning special effects. The interface of computer which predicts future is really cool. Bollywood has come to level of retina scan and touch screen keyboard !!!.

Performance of Hrithik is superlative. He has carried movie on his shoulders. Most important thing he really looks like a superhero. Naseerudin Shah, Rekha, Priyanka have done justice to their roles.

Coming to reviews of famous movie crtics, Tarun Adarsh’s 4½ star is too much. Rajeev Masand’s 2 star is too harsh. In my opinion Krrish is a good entertainer, potential blockbuster but definitely not a memorable movie.

Movie was paisa vasool for me since saw it in Urvashi spending Rs. 60 only. Its definitely not worth watching in multiplexes by spending Rs.150 :).


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  2. Krrish is definitely not the first Indian super hero. That honour must go to SHAKTHIMAAN, though now a passe it was Shakthimaan who aroused quite a lot of interest when it was aired some 8 years back.

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I would like to differ here with the author. The movie has superb special effects and they can be enjoyed only in a good theatre with superb acoustic systems. Besides, the story line is OK types.. I watched Superman and felt "Wish had watched Krrish again" ... I can surely say that this movie is pretty well made and none of any animation flaws visible on-screen