30 July 2006

Omkara, Kissa Kamar-bandh Ka

Omkara was much awaited movie for many people. This was due to many reasons good promos, starcast. Trailers were good and had created curiosity in minds of movie buffs.

After reading 2-3 reviews (which gave thumbs up for movie) I decided to see movie this weekend itself. As tickets at PVR were sold out a day before release, so only option left for me was Urvashi. I decided to go for night show as I had some personal work till 8pm. Seena and Vijaynath agreed to come. Ande dropped out because of fear that someone might kidnap him if he is outside his house after 10 pm :)

As I entered inside the movie hall there was big awaited change, renovated seats. Now for Rs.60 a movie is really worth watching at Urvashi !!!!.

Lets come to actual topic. Omkara is like normal shakepeare drama, in which humarn traits such as jealousy, suspicion, betrayal are exhibited. Kamar-bandh is almost like character in movie, being part of all steamy scenes. It is also major element for creation of suspicion.

Dialogues have some expletives. some of such dialogues
  • teri or meri kismat to ghadhe ke ling sae likhi gai hae....
  • Maine kya teri gottiya pakad rakhi hai kuud madarchod
  • sharat ghodon pe lagaate hain kathor...sheron pe nahi!!!

All critics have appreciated movie. Excerpts from some reviews.

- Taran Adarsh (indiafm) : 2 and 1/2 star.
  • OMKARA is not everybody's cup of tea, not everyone's idea of entertainment.
  • It's not one of those candyfloss films. It's not sunshine cinema either.
  • The bloodshed and violent slant is also not something that would hold universal acceptance.
  • Ajay as 'Omi' makes a stirring and powerful interpretation of a man haunted by uncertainty about his lover's faithfulness.
  • Dialogues are natural to the core, but, again, the expletives in the dialogues make you uncomfortable at times.
  • The 'Beedi' track holds mass appeal, while 'Naina Thag Lenge' is rich in lyrical value and has a haunting feel.
  • The dialect, the dark and disturbing theme and also the expletives will curtail its prospects of movie to an extent.
  • Vishal scores big points, is in the imagination department. Who else would have thought of filming a gruesome action scene to a song?
  • The star of the show is undoubtedly Saif Ali Khan who just becomes Langda Tyagi. Gone is the actor's boyish charm, gone are his stylish touches. Instead you get a foul-mouthed, spiteful cad who just controls the dynamics of the story.
  • Bipasha Basu is brought in to lend oomph and she succeeds in doing just that.
  • Vivek Oberoi is saddled with a loosely-written role, seems ill at ease doing little else but standing around while the others steal the limelight.
  • Omkara, the kind of entertainment you're not likely to find too often in our local cinemas. This is one time Shakespeare won't turn in his grave.
  • Does Bhardwaj give Othello life? Yes. He definitely does.
  • There are no changes in the play's structure.
  • Bipasha Basu plays a nautch girl called Billo Chamanbahar, and does nothing of any interest, largely because she has managed to learn just three dance moves and insists on repeating them.
  • what you take away from Omkara is the knowledge that a classic script always has the power to move us, provided it is handled by a director who knows his craft, and actors who understand their job.
I didn't like movie so much, because I had very high expectations after reading thumbs up reviews. Also I had gone for night show, I felt sleepy after 12 midnight :).

Whats your opinion about Omkara. Feel free to post comments.


  1. Little about film, more about other things like theatre and about other reviews...

    In review of the film one definitely looks for the jist or story of the film that is not mentioned.

    More often than not in other reviews they talk about locations, camera work. For a common movie goer that is of little bother.

  2. hi raveesh,

    my post is definitely not about movie review. I hv metioned about my experiences, what made be to see movie etc. Whats the point writing review by repeating stuffs which famous bollywood critics have said. Thats why I have highlighted good points of 3 reviews, giving credit to original author.

    In general review is not abt movie storyline. It should be about USP of a movie. USP of omkara are its dialogues, imagination (esp title song)

  3. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Having Faith in someone is binary ,its either yes or no, nothing between them.

    I would say its one of the best performances of Saif. His dialoge delivery and acting are top class.

    Actually swearing Bhan** Ch**** fit well into the sequence. If swearing would have been removed, the movie would have lost its charm.
    Definately Konkana's acting is too good one must say , so is her acting in Nassir's YHKH.