08 October 2006

Woh Lamhe .....

Woh Lamhe ... sounds like a familiar phrase. yeah it was famous number sung by Atif for movie Zeher. There are many movie titles which were hit numbers before. Some which I can recall Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Koi Mil Gaya, Diwale Dulanhia Le Jayenge.

Woh Lamhe is about relationship between two people Sana Azim (Kangana) and Aditya Grewal (Shiny Ahuha). It is said to be based on real relationship between Mahesh Bhatt and glamour girl of 70s Parveen Babi.

Movie starts with suicide attempt by Sana Azim. Then there is flashback .... 3 years earlier ...

Sana Azim is a famous star having problems in her personal life. She commits to do a film with struggling director Aditya Grewal much against her boyfriend's wishes and also ignoring contracts with a producer. Aditya maintains calculative relationship with Sana, but Sana sees Shiny as sensitive and caring companion and falls in love with him.

Then there is a twist, it discovered that Sana is suffering from schizophrenia (hallucination of people who are not there actually). Sana sees her so called roommate Rani. Aditya putting his career on risk decides to nurse Sana (after he comes know about demise of his father) and takes her Goa, away from her mother and boyfriend (who decide to give her shock treatment). What happens next ... for that u have to see the movie. It is not a fairlytale ending.

Shiny Ahuja's performance is top class. Kangana has improved a lot from her previous endeavour Gangster in which her dialogue delivery was hopeless. There are many scences in movie which are treated well by director Mohit Suri. One of the scene 'Kangana to retaliate throws her undergarment at Shiny in public' has got mixed reaction from critics, one says its poignant and other says its ridiculous.

So is Woh Lamhe worth watching ? This film would be watchable for people who like Mahesh Bhatt’s idea of entertainment, a package with good music of Mohit Suri, deft execution by director, steamy scenes and emotions. For Bangaloreans I feel it can’t be said as must watch in theatres, since its screened only in multiplexes, one has to spend Rs.180 to see this movie :(.

References : reviews of famous critics:

- Taran Adarsh : ( 3 and 1/2 star) : There are many lamhe in WOH LAMHE… that you carry in your heart and that's why the film works for the moviegoer.

- Rajeev Masand: ( 3 star )

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  1. Anonymous12:16 AM

    Awesome acting my Shinny ,Shinning bright ..

    Kangana one must say is quite a bold actress,She is improving day by day.

    Awesome movie to sum it up