21 January 2007

Lalbagh Flower Show

Today I had been to Lalbagh Flower Show. Last time I had been to the show in Jan 2005. At that time I didn’t had a good camera. This time I wanted to go desperately, as I wanted to capture “the moments” with my S2 IS. After Ajay and Raveesh refused to come, I decided to go alone.

The flower show is a photo opportunity for many people as mentioned in today’s newspaper. At the show there were amateurs, professional to vacation photographers freezing “the moments” with many types of cameras from small digicams to SLRs. For me the flower show turned into great opportunity for Macro Photography. I was able to do many kinds of RnD.

Photos are shared in my Lalbagh Show picasa album.

After capturing the shots I got so much enthusiasm that today I started my photography blog which I wanted to do from many months. The name of my photography blog is ‘My Powershots’ and the url is http://mypowershots.blogspot.com.

1 comment:

  1. Flowers are always the first choice for any photographer.

    A flower is the one which can make any one smile and feel happy...

    Are the roses missing this time in Flower show ?? I dont see any photos of Roses !!