21 January 2007

Preethi Madhura … Tyaga Amara …

Preethi Madhura … Tyaga Amara … this is the message of Kannada movie Mungaaru Male. This movie wasn’t there in my watch list. After being recommended from my friend Gururaj, I decided to see the movie. It was usual Saturday morning Ajay came to my home to meet me, immediately we decided see the movie at PVR. As per my observation, generally families go to see Kannada movies at PVR, and families won’t turn very early on Saturday morning. We took a chance and got the seats third row from back, 45 min before the show !!!.

The plot of the movie is not so original. The storyline has traces many movies such as DDLJ etc. Pritam[Ganesh] falls in love at first sight with Nadini[Sanjana]. Though Preetham knows that her marriage is fixed in a week, he falls for her. He even becomes close friend to her deaf father Colonel Subbaiah[Anant Nag]. I expected the movie to have a usual climax, but there is twist in the tale with an anticlimax. It makes the movie very different from usual love stories. For detailed storyline you can have a look at Abhishek’s review.

Rainfall(Male) is almost like a character in the movie. It is part of high intensity scene where there are change in the emotions. The usage of Rabbit(Devdas) for communication makes the narrtive distinct. The chemistry between Ganesh and Anant Nag is a value addition to the movie. The scenes where Anant Nag is not wearing hearing aid are hilarious. However one or two scenes seem to be overdone, especially monologue of drunken Ganesh next to a lake is too long.

The major plus point of the movie is cinematography. Jog Falls was never shot so well. The top view of the falls shot from British bungalow side is truly amazing visual experience. As per Arun's post Anishuthe Yaako Indu cinematographer has used a remote controlled camera to host the camera right on the top of the fall and moved it around in all angles.

Songs of the movie are not instant hits. While seeing the movie I didn't liked them so much, but hearing the songs in Radio Mirchi, the music of Mano Murthy grew on me. One can download video of the songs at stage6.divx.

To conclude, Mungaaru Male is worth watching if the movie is seen from technically point of view. It can’t be said as a must watch movie.

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  1. In the recent past i have seen lots of Kannada movies but got frustrated in theatre for the silly things happening on screen. Now after "Shande"'s reco i think i can watch it... anyways... Still you have not started a Shande Rating : ****

    kinda thing. Do it .. Atleast it will be useful for us !!!!

  2. really a heart toching movie after a long time in kannada ..
    this movie such a hit in kannada from last two weeks i am not able to get tickets in majestic although it is nearing to 100 days .. its Rs 150 !!! in balkony .. hey btw good review shande ..

  3. The movie has completed 100 days and grossed 30 crores !!!. have a look at this video of cnn-ibn