20 February 2007

Callback from KBC !!!

The entry mechanism for Kaun Banega Crorepati(KBC) is to register the answer for question of the day and expect a callback. But getting a callback from them is next to impossible. I too had same opinion until this happened.

Feb 13th 2007, 4.47 pm. Incoming call from number +91 22 44344942.
I attended the call, heard a female’s (say ‘K’) voice

K: Is number se KBC ko phone aya tha ?
Me: Jee Haa
K: Is number ko phir se dohrah sakte hein
K: Do you want to continue conversation in Hindi or English
Me: English
K: Please note that to be a KBC contestant you should be good in conversational Hindi
Me: okay
K: Are you free to attend KBC shoot on March 6th in Mumbai, at our expenses.
Me: Yes
[then she asked me abt details such as date of birth, residential address, back phone number]

K: Let me repeat the entry question for which you had registered the answer. Keep in mind that you have only ten seconds to answer this question. You are not supposed to repeat the question or the options, otherwise the call will be disconnected. Are you ready?
Me: Yes
K: Which animal form did Vishnu took for Kurma Avatara? options are Boar, Fish, Tortoise, ***.
Me: Tortoise
K: Tortoise is the right answer. Now I will ask you another question. Right answer will take you to next round. Ready ?
Me: Yes
K: Which of these is a serial telecasted on Star Plus? Options are Gulab, Kesar, Jal, ***
Me: Kesar
K: Your answer is Kesar. If your answer is right, we will call you back within 3 days.
[call ended, call duration 00:07:14 ]

'Kesar' was just an intelligent guess as many serial in Star Plus start with ‘K’. In fact it is right the answer and I was expecting call for next round.

Fast Forward.

16th Feb 2007, 3:31 pm. Incoming call from number +91 22 44344953.
Again a female’s (say ‘K1’) voice

K1: Is number se KBC ko phone aya tha.
Me: Jee Haa
K1: Is number ko phir se dohrah sakte hein
K1: Do you want to continue conversation in Hindi or English?
Me: English
K1: For this round I will be asking you four questions. First three with four options and the last with no options. You will have 10 seconds each to answer first three questions and 15 seconds for the last. Are you ready ?
Me: Yes

K1: First question. Former Karnataka chief minister S M Krishna is Governor of which state? Options are Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Haryana.
Me: Maharastra.
K1: Your answer is Maharastra. Ready for next question?
Me: Yes

K1: Second question. In which year did India host the Asian games for second time? Options are 1952, 1982, 1990, 1974.
Me: 1982
K1: '1982' is your answer. Ready for next question?
Me: Yes

K1: Third question. Which of these mean Pure in hindi? Options are Sujeet, Navneet, Puneet, Vineet.
Me: Puneet [answered by elimination method]
K1: Your answer is Puneet. Your next questions will have no options. Keep in mind that you have to answer this question with units, otherwise the answer will be invalid. If answer is in distance then it has to be number followed by metres or kms. Are you ready?
Me: Yes

K1: How many years ago Reserve Bank of India was established ?
[ whoosh ... bouncer ... after thinking for a few seconds, I made an intelligent guess ]
Me: 75 years
K1: Your answer is 75 years. If your all answers are right then we will call you back within three days.
[call ended, call duration 00:04:24]

After the call I had a look at RBI page in wikipedia and found it is established on April 1st 1935. So the right answer is 72 years !!!. For me it is so near and yet so far, but I was bit optimistic that I might get a call again because many people cannot answer this RBI question with accuracy. Now more than 3 days are over, so I am assuming that I am not selected for the next round.

After all these stuffs, I have realized that the route to Fastest Finger First is not so easy as there are many hurdles on the way. I have shared this because you should be mentally prepared in case you get a callback from KBC.


  1. while i was reading it, was imagining u sitting on the hot seat :-) ....well better luck next time

  2. I have also faced the similar kind of experience.
    I got an SMS once asking to anwser some questions calling to 54645(i dont exactly remeber this no)to enter into KBC..
    This is specially for Airtel users.
    I called and went on answering..suddenly, the call ended saying my currency is lost.

    I lost 150 Rs in just 15 mins and gaiing 100 points..

    I stopped the answering spree agreeing that there are crazy pl who goes till 10,000 to 50,000 points and ready to spend anything.

    I have craze for 2 crores , but not for KBC

  3. Gud experience.. It, atleast, made my unwillingness to try for KBC much stronger. I dint know the answers to most of the questions in the list ;) I thought its just a cakewalk once u get a call from KBC :(

  4. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Good One!!
    Its good to read each of your posts.. Diverse topics - film reviews, treks and some of ur unusual experiences. Keep it going...