15 February 2007

Are you sharing password at ur workplace ?

Are you sharing system password at your workplace ? Think again. Today I had a funny experience at my workplace. Here it is.

On occasion of Valentine’s Day I had been to Hyderabad to do handwriting analysis at Barista outlets. I had shared my system password ‘Password1’ with my teammates since it is necessary sometimes. Someone took advantage of this and tried to do some heroic activity (hero banneki koshish ki). He/She logged into my machine and sent the following mail to many of my colleagues (majority of them were girls)

Happy Valentine's Day to all my favourite girls and.....also boys(wink wink) in Aricent.

Your's Forever Lovingly,

Next day (Feb 15) morning I was embarrassed when Priya showed me the above mail in her Inbox. I don’t know who all have received this mail as it is deleted in the sent folder and recipient addressees were in Bcc. I hope recipients of this mail have not taken this seriously. Sorry in case you are one among them. It all started with my mistake - sharing the password with my teammates.

To the person who sent this mail from my machine “sir/mam why you did all this, there is limit for everything, u have almost crossed the threshold this time. I am taking it lightly but what about the people who have received this mail?”

To conclude, I never thought that I would be blogging about this topic. As of now I feel this is the right place to express as I don’t know who is that great person and also who the recipients of the mail are ?


  1. poor you !!!! cant say more...:-)..sorry but i did have a hearty laugh reading it :-)

  2. First up shande, its pathetic(for me at least) that i am bloody *typing* this response to YOU.
    Who unfortunatly for you,is sitting justa walkable distance from my cubicle.
    But if thats the way you want,So be it.
    It was I who wrote that shande and really doubt that you dint know that.
    It would really help if you said something orally if you dint like it.
    For anyone else i would have said more and somemore on this,But for you shande,ill stop right here.

    (Frgive any mistakes in *typing* as my hands are shaking with anger)

    And oh! sorry for that mail.

  3. Along with shreesh I am also one of the culprit who joined the hands to do such a "noble" activity.

    You can always think it as positive and think what it would have done to you.. First of all its Valentine's day and we were helping you to find one GF for you...
    I wont ask sorry....It was for fun ...and it was sent to only ppl who take it very lightly....

  4. I think the 'damage' is minimal compared what could have been done. Its more of the 'mistrust' which is bothering you more than the actual act itself. Anyways its a nice message and I would have really appreciated if it were from you genuinely :). Trust me, there is nothing called trust etc. These moral words are for kids and we need to grow out of it. Take everything as it comes and enjoy ! I thought you would find the culprit yourself doing handwriting analysis ;)

  5. Firstly, I didnot do this..( I know that u don't have trust on me , I have to prove that I don't have my hands playing in that)..
    1>I was in training in Campus
    2>I don't know ur passowrd
    3>The doer has already agreed about that.

    It is not good to do such a thing.
    But it is not a crime even if u r a sport.

    This will not have bad effect as the ambience is known ..

    Fourthly, You could have sorted this out orally..

  6. I am desperately trying to suppress my urge to rip your entry bit by bit and blast every line with a reply,whenever i vist your blog.
    I have better things to in the real world than to fight a one sided war of words in a virtual world.

    So before i stop visiting your "blog", here's a thought:
    Have you seen a hologram sticker? Just when you thought you understood the picture,the sticker turns and you find yourself staring at a perfect stranger.

  7. I posted about all these so that my friends can enjoy by reading it. It is just extension of fun into virtual world.

    @shreesh & seena
    thanks for the confession. If u ppl had agreed frankly (instead of blaming Harish), this post wud not have seen the light of the day.

    Further, I didn't expect this post would turn into 'virtual war of words' because of guilty consciousness and anger of some people, as I have neither pointed finger towards anyone nor done any personal attack in my post.

  8. This is just UNPROFESSIONAL. Any similar friendly msg, if sent as a frnd then the person should have have come to the forefront.. such pranks are ok or acceptable at college levels but not in office.. The person must grow up ....