14 March 2007

It’s the same 5 oz ball bowled from 22 yards.

Cricket world cup 2007. All were waiting for it for so many days. Countdown had started 30 days back. It was there all over in newspapers, TV ads and even advertising hoardings. I am having a look at world cup quiz in Times of India from last 3 weeks. I discuss about the same with my colleague Naveen during lunch time. Some trivias are too good and make us to recall exciting moments of previous world cups.

But when I sat yesterday for watching first match between West Indies and Pakistan, I felt too bored. It’s the same competition between bat and ball on a 22 yards strip. All the excitement generated over last 2 weeks went off in a jiffy. This will be there for next few weeks. I feel except for one or two matches majority of first round matches will be one sided. Lets hope that the contest will be thrilling, from 'super 8' onwards.

One major problem with this world cup is that in India we can see only 50 overs without sacrificing our sleep, because of almost 12 hrs time-zone difference. My friend in Manish, who is doing MS in United States, is having a nice time. He can see all the matches without skipping his sleep, which he usually does for matches played in India.


  1. Rightly said, end of the day its the same 50 over match with more spice.

    The best part is that every match would have some records broken and made.

    Matches shown on Set max would have Mandira with weird ideas and more important dresses. :D

    As matches go on we would have more injured players, already started.

    The most exciting part is predicting which minnow would topple which good team.(can screw the super 8).

    And with weather improving here in US, we need to sync our week end cricket with WC .

    And every Ex cricketer would give his own ideas to his team.

    We can see less of 300+ runs scored and chased ( after super 8 ). this makes it more cricket from golf.

    So thats why world cup is so special and so well hyped. Its worth your money ( despite the fact that we have 8 minnows ).

  2. Just to add to my previous comment

    we have already seen a tied thriller
    (Zim vs Ireland)

    expect more thrillers

  3. only half of the league matches involving minnows may seem one-sided encounters, but other league matches and super 8 going to be pretty exciting

    and we have already seen Zimbabwe-Ireland thriller, match ended in a tie

  4. Also this WC is more like a Hindi movie, action , drama, mystery , murder thriller , r we missing some thing. Complete package ,

    After its all GAME is all abt Entertainment, the WC is at it best.