18 March 2007

2 upsets on a same day !!!

In my last post, I was of the opinion that league phase of the world cup 2007 will be straight-forward, boring and the contest will be exciting Super 8 onwards. It seems some players taken my words seriously :).

On March 17th we had two upsets. Bangladesh defeated India by 5 wickets and Ireland defeated Pakistan by 3 wickets and knocked them out of the tournament.

India’s super 8 berth seems to be unlikely. In order to qualify they have to play exceptional cricket against Sri Lanka and beat them convincingly. Why India came into this situation?? It happened all because of fear of failure and they weren’t playing their natural game. Throughout the match they were excepting Bangladesh to choke and make mistakes, which didn’t happen. To take some positives from this, a hiccup in initial stage brings the best performance in later stages. I still believe Indian team has ability to deliver.

Now, Ireland have already qualified for super 8 stage and they will be playing 6 matches in super 8 !!!. So we have to be ready for 6 boring games more. Keep in mind that upsets can’t happen everyday.


  1. Great analysis and summarized damn well !!! I strongly feel it was the fear of failure which did them in.

  2. India played bad cricket against Bangla and Pak against Ireland.

    But also there is flaw in the format. one bad game and you are out of the tournament!!!

  3. Anonymous6:01 PM

    ur blog worth has more than doubled! to $1,129 :)

  4. the best part of this upsets is that
    we have 3 bad teams ( Eng is one them), leaving 5 good teams of which 4 go to semis. so the whole super 8 is again interesting becoz u lose one match u r gone.