02 April 2007

Anayang Hasayo Seoul !!!

Title in Korean ?? yes ... Anayang Hasayo means 'Hi'.

'Hi Seoul: Soul of Asia' is the punchline of capital city of Korea. Last weekend we went to explore the city. Seoul is divided into two parts by Han River. One can make out infrastructure quantity by looking at map of Seoul, there are 20+ bridges over Han River connecting two parts of the city.

On 31st March Saturday it was raining in Gumi. We almost decided to cancel the plan, but somehow we decided to carry on. We took 9.44 am train and reached Seoul Station around 1 pm. The journey was not so exciting as we expected the train to be faster than Indian Trains.

In Seoul Station Majid and Hussu came to meet as we didn't how to explore the city.
Then as per Majid's guidance we planned to go 63 square. We took seoul metro to commute.

In 63 square we took tickets for Sea World and Skydeck. First we went to seaworld. There were many sea creatures in it, from Penguins, Eel to Jelly Fish.

Then we took elevator to Skydeck. There was a Cafe there, Hussu took 500 ml mineral water there. The cost was 1000 won !!!. After 7 pm I took snaps of night view of Seoul. The snap of olympic expressway next to Han River came out too good.

Later we went to Suwon to stay at Murali Malladi's friend house. His name was Rajeev and incidentally he was a ex-emuzian.

Before going to sleep we chatted with Rajeev about various topics from current state of emuzed to life in Korea. Next day mornring we went to Suwon fort with Murali, in his Hyundai Verna which he had bought a day before.

In aftertoon we went back to Seoul to see Gyeonbokgung palace. We used seoul metro to go station number 327. The entry fee for the palace was 3000 won. it turned out more worth than that.

There was display of stuffs related to Korean culture in the museum. It took more than 2 hrs to just to have glance at various thing displayed in it. Frankly speaking it need one complete day to see everything in detail.

Later we went to Yongsan Station to do window shopping in electronics market. Finally we took 8.15 pm train and reached Gumi at 11.30 pm.

More photos are shared in piscasa album


  1. wow cool pics..u r sure having fun man!!!

  2. nice pics..feeling very bad that i missed the tower.

  3. hey shande .. when did u go to korea man ?? no call even no info about the travel.. anyways enjoy work / first outiside trip :)

  4. Good shande, explore more places and keep writing blogs...