07 April 2007

10 things which I am missing

It’s been more than 15 days of my stay in Korea. I am missing so many things here. Among these, 10 things I am missing the most.

Ramanjaneya Gudda

1. Mother and her food: No explanation needed.
2. Ramanjaneya Gudda: A perfect stress buster for me.
3. Handwriting Institute India: Missing RYB’s, assisting assignments and Rafi’s golden words.
4. Ajaysimha : A friend in need is a friend indeed.
5. Sigma Top 10 : For more explanation contact Harish Malleshappa.
6. S10 Cab: Ravi’s sincere missed call.
7. Urvashi Theatre
8. Shivani : relax .. she is my niece.
9. [Reserved for future use]
10. Radio City and Radio Mirchi


I would have missed Indian Food here, but thanks Keshab because of him we are not missing it. One more thing I would have missed was World Cup cricket, as India is already out of the competition it doesn’t matter.


  1. What is the thing to be at "Reserved for future"....i am too curious to know

  2. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Just an update: We all (Chetan, Nitish, Sundeep and I) went to Shiva gange this saturday. It was great fun. Also on friday seena's treat was there in MTR (Now Orkla). Buddy you are missing many things apart from top 10:-).
    - Prashant (S-10 buddy)

  3. as prashant said, you are missing the S10 cab spontaneity!
    -liked the 'reserved' part :)

  4. prashanth, chethan ... thanks for comments.

    old saying in Hindi ... " kuch paane ke liye, kuch khona padta he" ... I am missing so many things ... but experiencing new things here ... check my next post abt cherry blossom festival.

  5. Shande,
    everything is fine, but y have u made me the proprietor of Sigma top 10. dont worry, i will take care of Top 10 in ur absence.
    Enjoy ur trip..........

  6. Reserved for future use: Is it by someway related to Sigma top 10

  7. the reserved for future use is the best feature... shows that ur the perfect comp sci engineer... BTW whose number one in sigma top 10 now a days???