05 May 2007

SpiderMan-3 at MegaLine

If you had read my post about Gumi City, in that I had mentioned that there is a MegaLine multiplex at a walkable distance from Guest House and also we are planning to watch SpiderMan-3 there.

It was a normal lazy Saturday, I got up around 10.30am having sufficient sleep. We didn’t plan anything for the weekend as it was Childrens Day in Korea. On this day parents take their children for excursion, because of this tourist places will be bustling with people and also it would be difficult to get tickets for trains and buses.

In after noon we saw Bheja fry and LRMB in Madam’s computer. In evening when I was surfing tour2korea.com website, I came to know that today there was World’s 1st Hi Wire Championship in Seoul. Missed it, we should have traveled to Seoul this weekend too. Now it’s over no point in pondering over it.

After having dinner me, subhajit and madhu decided go for a small walk and in the process we planned to enquire about show timings of SpiderMan-3 at MegaLine. Madhu turned back on the way, seems he had better business to do.

We continued our walk, went to MegaLine complex where the multiplex is at 7th floor. Time was 9.50 pm, we saw that there is a SpiderMan-3 show immediately at 10 pm. We though if tickets are available why not see the movie now itself. Unlike PVR here there is differential pricing based distance of seat from the screen. Middle row tickets were sold out so we bought tickets 2nd row from the back, it costed 7000 won per head. Before buying tickets we made sure that the movie is in English (no dubbing).

The interiors of movie hall were similar to PVR Classic. Before the movie there were some advertisements, also they showed trailers of two Korean forthcoming movie, one was murder mystery and other one seemed to be a horror movie. After this the actual movie started.

The movie was good with nice special effects and action sequences. Every sequence is like a highlight one won’t be even bored for a moment. Of all the action sequences I like first one between Harry and Spidey(Peter Parker). The storyline has many stuffs such particle physics, chemistry and mutation. There are emotions such as jealousy, misunderstanding in the movie. Also there are many coincidences, which are more common in Bollywood movies.

To conclude this is not a review, just my experience how we went to multiplex for en quiring about show timings and ended up seeing the movie itself. For review please check this link.


  1. Anonymous1:33 PM

    cool.. how much is 7000won in rupees??

  2. Latest exchange rates, 1 Rupee = 22.85 Wons.

    So, 7000 Won = 306 Rupees, bit expensive ... middle row price were less 3000-5000 Won. :)