01 August 2007

'Any' Obsession !

I wanted to post about this for long time.

If you are staying in Korea, you definitely will hear many words starting with 'Any'. Koreans seem to be obsessed with word 'Any'. Some of such words are:

The brand name for the mobile phones of Samsung Electronics.

It is a music video of 9 minute duration featuring Lee Hyori( super celebrity of Korea), for endorsing Samsung Anycall mobile phones.

I got really saturated by seeing this video. It was played continuously in all the LCD display screens(in reception, lobby) of Samsung Gumi plant. Some of the Samsung employees had even made it as a screensaver. Have a look at description of the video here.


It’s a name of a sugarless candy available in Korea. Once Sean Kim had got this for us and we stumbled upon it in first trial. In fact I got 2-3 packets of this candy to India and distributed to my friend and colleagues.

There are many other words such as Anycar, Anycom etc. All these leads to one question - whether 'Any' has some meaning in Korean language ?. I asked this to 2-3 people in Korea, all of them replied it has no meaning.

What's your opinion on this ?

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