18 October 2007

Welcome to www.naanushande.com

Finally I managed to move my blog to custom domain www.naanushande.com

The urge to move the blog custom domain started when the blogspot domain was blocked in our office blocked. So, 45 days back I registered naanshande.com domain with Webcom Systems. A slight miscommunication between myself and vendor delayed the transition. I took help of Aditya PK to trouble shoot the issues. Yesterday I was able to do right configuration of CNAME record using this link. I didn't expected that a single dot would be so crucial. Anyway, All's Well That Ends Well.

Couple of points to be noted:

  • If you have subscribed to RSS feeds, then no need to modify the feed settings. I had made the feed independent of 'domain name' long back. FYI, the feedburner link for RSS feeds is http://feeds.feedburner.com/naanushande .

  • If you access my blog using naanushande.blogspot.com, you will be automatically redirected to naanushande.com

  • In case of any issues, please let me know immediately.


    1. Bingo , you becoming a real techic ha

      way to go, You have reduced a bit of traffic off GOOOGLE :)

      way to go

    2. Thank you for sharing this information.

    3. Nice Post.. Thanks for sharing a such great article with us..