19 November 2007

A yearly festival indeed !

The enthu for writing CAT this year was injected into me when I read a hilarious post CAT and I by Aditya PK. According to him 'The CAT is like a yearly festival'. I was able relate to this post because I had appeared for CAT in 2003, 2005 and 2006. The performance in 2005 was my best till date. I would have got a call in case I had done sufficiently well in verbal. The results of 2005 made me too much paranoid about verbal. With extra concentration on verbal I screwed the entire paper in 2006.

Leaving all this failures behind me, I decided the given best shot in 2007. Thanks to this saying, my persistence continued

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
-Benjamin Franklin

For the sake of preparing I sacrificed many Trekking/Trips. Even I had to devote less time for blogging. I didn’t post in Bangalore Metblogs for 2 months.

The preparation was ok types nothing serious actually, mock results in beginning resulted in 'meter off'. But I persisted, as per learnings of previous attempts it’s the mindset which matters in CAT.

While writing mocks, I just had a glance at Date of Births(3-4 years younger than me) of people sitting around me. It made me think 'Am I too old to study in a B-school'. Later, the announcement of admission procedure by IIMB rekindled my hopes. As per the procedure maximum weightage is given to a candidate with a work experience of 3 years.

As always this year too there was a nice build up for this yearly festival. There was sufficient coverage in media(programmes such as Bell the CAT) and it kept me reminding of the D-Day(Nov 18th). For the preparation, I didn't took any major leaves from my work, except a day before the exam. I just followed the tips given in tenaday.co.in and went to the exam with a positive frame of mind and made sure not to repeat the mistakes of 2006.

After finishing the exam I came back to home and slept for 3 hours flat. In evening, I crosschecked my answers with answer key of TIME institute. According to the analysis, I will be clearing cut offs in the all the sections but may fall short overall aggregate cut off. Now, only thing I can do is to be optimistic and hope for the best! Whatever happens, this will be my last serious attempt of CAT ... there are so many better, interesting stuffs to do in life.


  1. u can actually write a book on belling cat

    expert now 4 yrs :)

  2. @manish: book ... nice idea, I can talk hours about this experience of 4 years. In fact this year, I counseled many people right from filling of forms to exam strategies. Also, one of my friends called me as CAT veteran :)