08 November 2007

Om Shanti Om: Paid preview at Urvashi

Today morning, I had been to Lalbagh for jogging, after that just went to see what's happening at Urvashi. My eyes were lit up, when I saw that there is paid preview of Om Shanti Om(OSO) at 6 pm & 9.45 pm. Even though, Ajay Simha had booked in advance for saturday matinee, I couldn't resist myself seeing buying ticket for the paid preview. Seeing movie without reading any review is a different experience, that too before official 'First Day First Show'.

image courtesy - indiafm

The movie is one of the most awaited of 2007, there was a nice build up, courtesy marketing of SRK & team. A few months back when I came to know that the movie is about reincarnation I though of giving first preference to Saawariya. But the marketing of OSO changed my opinion gradually.

Actually, there is no USP in the movie, that's because there are so many ‘selling points’, nothing stands out as 'unique'
  • Beauteous Deepika Padukone: there was a deafening roar in the theater when she made her first appearance on the screen. Her presence in a frame adds more value to the same.
  • SRK's six pack: It has became of so much obsession that there was a cover story on ‘six pack’ in India Today recently.
  • Mother of all item numbers: also known as 'many items, one song'. Very rarely one can observe 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' 30+ times in a theatre within a span of five minutes. Also the song is part of the screenplay.

  • In addition other than many plusses in the movie
  • Crisp editing by Shishir Kundher. Well, the movie is of 18 reels, you definitely won’t feel it's so long.
  • Music by Vishal Shekhar. all songs (sung by different singers) are very different.

  • Many stuffs are derived from several Bollywood movies
    - SRK saving Deepika while shooting a 'fire sequence', similar to Sunil Dutt saving Nargis in Mother India.
    - The revenge+reincarnation plot of Karz ( also Karan-Arjun).
    - Kiron Kher in second half reminded me of Rakhee in Karan Arjun.

    But missed out some stereotypes:
    - मैं तुम्हारे बच्चे की माँ बनने वाली हू, one of the most famous,common one liner was missing. But the english translation of this 'I mean, I am pregnant' was there.
    - Shiv Ji: How can one forget 'shiv ji' of film city who had divine presence in many movies.

    The sequences which can be termed as highlights
    - Entry of Shanti-Priya[Deepika].
    - Om Prakash(a junior artist) enacting as Om Swaminathan (a South-Indian superstar). The pseudo shooting of Tamil movie is very hilarious, especially delivery of lines 'Yenna Rascala'.
    - Filmfare awards sequence. The announcement of nominations for best actor is the most funniest part.
    - Lunch between Om Kapoor[SRK] and Mukesh Mehra.
    - Auditions in second half for a female actor.

    Performance wise everyone has done well, but the major surprise factor is Arjun Rampal. He was enacted role of Mukesh Mehra, a cunning producer convincingly.

    So many positives, no negatives ?. To be frank there are not many negatives but major thing (in simple words) the movie is 'it's old wine is new bottle'. But who cares, the movie it is an out and out entertainer, in others words पैसा वसूल. All credit goes to packaging skills of Farah Khan.

    What other's say:

  • CNN-IBN, Masand' Verdict: A swell song-and-dance drama that's 'sensationally senseless', go watch it and prepare to come back beaming.
  • Indiafm: The Review - Om Shanti Om
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  • PS: I have deliberately kept this post short. Since the movie is yet to release officially, I don’t want reveal the plot details. Will be updating the details gradually.


    1. Thanks for the review of the preview

      I prefer OSO over Saawariya --yea for Deeps

      Looking forward to OSO, if I get tickets this week end

    2. I watched OSO along with Shaande, but I have a total different view abt the movie.

      First of all , SRK can not act. I used to be a big fan of SRK n was wondering whether it is the same guy who acted in movies like Baazigar, Anjaam , Daar .. I think he has acted really well in Chak De , but in OSO he is pathetic.

      Except his six pack and the item song Darde Disco , there is nothing in the movie that impressed me .. n I am not a big fan of Deepika , so her presence didnt make any difference ..hehe

      Well if ppl claim it is inspired by Karz , it is no where close to that classic...

      There is a stupid song in the movie where they try to recreate the feel of the ever hauting song Ek Hasina Thi, but they have failed miserably.

      I think Farah Khan shud stop directing movies , I think I wud never make the mistake of watching her movie again.

      0 out of 5 for this stupid movie from me

    3. hey navi(ande),
      In 'Chak De' SRK was supposed to act and he acted well, while in OSO he plays a character(s) whose khandani bimari is overacting. So can't compare two roles.

      u mentioned Karz as a 'classic'. come on, from which perspective that movie was class apart ?

      About the ratings, there is no point in rating a movie(from sensible perspective), which is termed by critics as 'sensationally senseless'.

    4. Well Navin n shande

      The movie is like a buffet lunch guyz , its a package movie, dont look at individual components just look movie as a whole.

      Read my blog if u r not convinced

    5. Shande and Manish,

      As a package the movie is OK but nothing great , just another movie which people will forget in some time. But Karz is about 30 years old and it is still fresh in peoples mind...

      well about the rating , its subjective ... i didnt like the movie , but many people may love it. It was just my personal view.

      But I am disappointed by SRK, I think now a days he is just a lot of noise and no stuff. I am sure he could have done this movie a lot better. Faraah Khan I think needs to improve leaps and bounds when it coming to direction, you can not compare Farha's movie with Subhash Ghai's Karz ...