02 June 2008

The extravanganza is over.

The billion dollar cricketing extravaganza i.e. IPL is finally over and Rajasthan Royals emerged as champions.

  • From my side it was most closely followed event in recent times. I bookmark more than 100 articles and read each one of them in between lines. Also I blogged about the league unofficialipl.com with my friends Aditya and Raveesh.
  • We blogged about various speculations, gossips, news items and of course about cricketing aspects too.
  • I missed the first phase of the league because of Paris biz trip. But followed the matches in cricinfo. After coming to India, in second phase I saw almost all the matches live! Every day after 8 pm it was just cricket on TV.
  • I also went to see a cricket match Royal Challengers Bangalore v/s Delhi Daredevils in stadium. Even though it was a boring match, the entertainment quotient(read cheerleaders) of the IPL made it an experience to cherish.
  • The nail biting final was a treat to watch. But somehow I felt it lacked the punch of India-Pakistan T20 world-cup final. There was no tension and superlative excitement. I was switching loyalty every moment.
  • In the finals, other than Rajasthan's winning moment I liked the most was the way Chennai Superkings gracefully responded to the defeat. They patted each other for good performance in a huddle and took the collective responsibility for the defeat. Once again it was display of high emotional quotient by MS Dhoni.
  • The success of the league once again proved the point that 'Live action(drama) is more amusing to watch than a scripted drama'.

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