12 October 2008

Penta Cites # 4

For the fourth edition of penta cites I wanted quote something other economic crisis stuffs. But the crisis so big that I can't neglect the writes-ups about it.

US Economy/Bail-Out

The word “bail-out” is actually a cricket metaphor, as in “taking the bails out to dismiss the batsman”. What the government is calling a bailout is actually a massive nationalization of all the banks. Earlier, only evil dictators and socialist governments used to do it, but now nationalizing banks is suddenly in fashion, because everyone else is doing it.
Aditya PK in his post Global Economic crisis FAQs

Economy/Wall Street Meltdown

There are two sides to a Balance Sheet.- Left & the Right ( Liabilities
and Assets respectively) on the Left side there is nothing right.. and on the right side there is
nothing left
A popular quote doing rounds post Lehman, AIG, Merrill fiasco


The iPhone clearly wasn't the first smartphone, but it was the first one that every man, his dog and his dog's ticks would sell limbs to own
An article in Economics times while discussing about Gadget of the year


Rest all looks good, though I wonder if you are planning a holiday or working on a mission with some tight targets :)
Feedback by freelance traveler Arun Bhat on Srnidhi Hande's Wayanad trip plan


Putting on my pop sociologist cap, let me say that Sourav’s place in history, more than as a cricketer, is because he embodied the “in your face” spirit of the economically resurgent nation of the 1990s-2000s— a young nation eager to throw off the Gandhian ideal of turning the other cheek.
Great Bong in his post His Last Bow regarding Sourav Ganguly's retirement

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