18 October 2008

'Nobody' rage in Korea

Nobody song by Korean pop group Wondergirls has created sensation in entire country for last one month. One can come across this song at several places from mobile ringtones to screens at electronics shops.

- Working in multimedia domain, I was first introduced to the song as a test content.
- I stumbled upon the song when I heard it properly while waiting for my turn in a hair-cut shop.
- Yesterday when I had been to Yongsan electronics market, almost all display screen shops were playing out only this song.

Some important facts [source wikipedia]
- Released on Sep 22 2008 digitally on official website and also on Youtube(officially).
- Within hours, the song became the #1 streamed song online.

Find lyrics of the song at lyricsmode.com.

Read more at wikipedia pages of Nobody Song
and Wondergirls

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  1. Maga good that you have posted here this song. But i am quite sure Mr. Copycat Preetam will put this song in his new venture. So at that time u can write one more post ... ;)