09 December 2008

Snowfall XP

Seobu ExpresswayThe advantage of staying in a temperate country(unlike tropical region) is that one can experience four core seasons. Having experienced spring, summer and autumn already in Korea now in December it was time to experience core winter. The major excitement in winter for a person from a tropical country is experiencing a snowfall.

TerraceThe first snowfall of current winter season happened three weeks back and obviously it was my maiden snowfall experience. But that snowfall was sort of a trailer, not sufficient enough to turn roads and roofs into white. And finally last Sunday there was a full fledged one. The crystalline precipitation was on the cards as from past two days the temperature was at sub zero level.

Snow SoccerThe Sunday's Snowfall happened in two innings once in morning and again in evening. We tried all possible means to experience the snow in a different way. Morning we went to terrace of our Co-op residence and had a photo session with the snow. We walked on the accumulated snow with bare feet ! kept dollop of snow in our bare hands and did all exceptional stuffs. Then it was time for a few landscape snaps. I took snaps of buildings in neighbourhood and roads including Seobu Expressway which runs next to Co-op. And surprising thing was to note that it was yet another day for Seoulites. Inspite of snowfall, people were jogging in the track next to Co-op and at a distance in a playground people were playing soccer!

Pakoda PartyIn evening, when it was snowing for second time we went to mini garden in front of Co-op. And again we had a photo session. Our Telgu movie buffs(Santosh and Manoj) enacted Chiranjeevi walking style and various other movie scenes from Tollywood, while posing for the photographs.

Last but not the least, to celebrate the snowfall day, just before dinner we had a small Pakoda party. The responsibility of design and development was taken up by versatile cooking expert Manoj.

Awaiting for one more snowfall and of course pakoda party.

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  1. It Took 26 yrs to get u r maiden snow fall.... I had it 37 months ago i guess ... same day same time....