26 April 2009

Brand Equity Quiz 2009: Mumbai leg

The Mumbai leg of Brand Equity quiz was held at Chavan Center(Nariman Point). The quiz was open only to working professionals in India Inc. So being part of student community(this year) the only option to experience the live quizing as an audience. The quiz master was Derek O'Brein. He kept the audience entertained with his usual spontaneous humour.

The format of quiz was similar to Landmark open quiz which had attended previously. The difference was that questions had something do with business. Overall it was a good quiz and Derek brought the house down many times keeping janta entertained.

Some highlights of the show
  • Generosity in giving away audience prizes. Sometimes the entire row used to get hampers.
  • Advice to Unilever team as they failed to qualifying for finals by 1 point : For next two years take a transfer to Indore as qualifying would be a cakewalk there.
  • When AXIS Bank gave away some clues for a question without answering it, and SUN capitalized on the mistake to extend their lead. Derek said " AXIS bank is making sure that ICICI Bank(who were second) should not win this quiz!".
  • The build up of tension and suspense by Derek when there were only two teams in the race. Without even acknowledging whether the answer of ICICI Bank was right or wrong, Derek called upon chief quest and his prize distribution volunteers to give away prizes to ICICI bank. Then he announced the show is still on as the answer of ICICI bank was right.

Some nice questions
  • Corrections Corporation of America is the largest operator of _____ in the U.S.A
  • You can win an ipod from the website nailthethief.com by throwing rotten eggs on whose face?
  • Which district of Uttar Pradesh is nicknamed as Suhag Nagri because it fulfills everything a Suhagin wants?
  • In 1983 Korean Airways flight was shot down by USSR for intruding into their airspace. After this incident what did then US president Ronald Reagan ordered the US military to be available for civilian use ?
  • What is Poorism?
  • What is wife acceptance factor ?

Find all prelims questions at


  1. Hey Shande,
    Any idea how to register as audience for the finals? During the prelims, they had mentioned something but not sure about it..

  2. I also have no idea about it. The link for registration http://beq.economictimes.indiatimes.com/JoinArena.aspx is not yet updated. By the look of things I feel they may issue passes internally.