16 April 2009

Megapixels Galore !

Megapixels Galore is my new photography blog. The blog is hosted on my almost defunct domain shande.in. The URL of the blog is photos.shande.in. The blog is my first endeavour using wordpress CMS. Suggestions and comments from any perspective are welcome.

In beginning for first few days, I will post all my best s captured in last 3-4 years. There will be one post per day.


  1. I started a photoblog which ended up kind of flop. Wish all the best for your new blog...

  2. Yeah .. the visitors for a photoblog won't be as high as in the case of a general blog.

    My major intention is to keep the best pics together in a page. And also present the pics with a personal touch, which we can't do in flickr.