10 May 2009

Brand Equity Quiz 2009 finals

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Rohan Khanna and Sandeepan Chaudhuri of Accenture(Delhi) lived up all the hype and emerged as clear winners of Brand Equity Quiz. The margin of victory was so high that the last buzzer round was played just to decide who is 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The venue of the quiz was Leela Kempinski's Grand Ballroom and the host of the evening was Asia's No.1 quizmaster Derek O'Brien. The evening started with two semi-finals(buzzer round) in which ten regional winners were filtered into four finalists Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore & Chennai.

Overall a decent quiz, but the suspense and intensity as it was in Mumbai regional round was missing due to over domination of Accenture(Delhi) team. IBM(Bangalore) came second in contrast to speculations done by media i.e. it's going to be contest between Mumbai v/s Delhi.

Some Questions: [in a random order, interesting ones]
  • Why is the roulette wheel on a casino table is commonly known as "Devil's ring" ? --- sum of all the numbers on it (from 1 to 36) is 666, which is the 'Number of the Beast'.

  • Cicardium rhythm stress is commonly known as ? --- Jetlag

  • If RoI = return on investment, then what is RoTI ? --- Return on Training Investment

  • Which company operates most playgrounds in United States ? --- McDonald's

  • What is "Client Golf" ? --- Deliberately losing a golf game against a client for winning a business deal.

  • Which five letter proper noun(as a part of username) was banned by yahoo mail for a brief period ? --- Allah

  • What's so special about the company which has Australian Stock Exhchange ticker DPL ? -- Daily Planet is one of the first brothels(establishment dedicated to prostitution) to be listed on a stock exchange [read more].

  • What are “chicken cutlets.” ? --- It's the common term used for a silicone bra insert that is used to create the illusion of larger breasts.[read more]

  • What special thing was done when Pope John Paul II visited Hollywood in 1987 ? ---They removed the one 'L' from the sign to make it HOLYwood.

  • What is Fong Kong ? -- Products with fake designer lables.

  • This Russian has a European patent for a "Method of playing a lottery game" ? --- Gary Kasparov.

  • Why for a brief period in 2003, banks in China quarantined currency notes ? -- SARS outbreak.

  • Why in Oct 2008 a clock at Manhattan ran out of digits ? --- The 'National Debt Clock' ran out of digits because US National Debt debt exceeded $10 trillion for the first time.

  • In the world of business, what is ABCD ? --- ABCD (Aaya, Bai, Cook, Driver) is a customer segment.

  • One can find free ads of which organization in NCERT Class XI textbooks ? --- Indian Army.

  • In early dot-com era five rivals of Microsoft were represented by an acronym NOISE N-Netspace, O-Oracle, I-IBM, S-Sun Microsystems, What is E ? --- Everybody Else.

  • Which type of Mangoes are used to make Frooti drink ? --- Totapuri.


  1. Anonymous1:53 PM

    These guys are bigtime quizzers.Rohan Khanna has won 2009 BT Acumen.. and he has be a BT Acumen finalist from last 2 years capturing the other spots in finals.One of india's finest and one f the best quizzers.

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