09 May 2009

Landmark Quiz 2009, Mumbai

The first edition of Landmark Quiz Mumbai was held on May 1st 2009 at St. Andrew's Auditorium - Bandra. The quizmaster of the show was Navin Jayakumar. The quiz started off with preliminary round of 40 questions. For the final round out of 164 teams, eight teams were shortlisted . The winners of the quiz were the team by name -"Swami and friends". Overall the quiz was good but unfortunately there were minor goof ups and also there were some boring moments also.

Some highlights:
  • It was first landrmark quiz at Mumbai. The annual city open quiz has been conducted since 1988 in Chennai. From there it was moved to Bangalore, Pune and now to Mumbai.
  • Many questions in the quiz were related to Mumbai. There a few questions on common mumbai slangs and one-liners. Some of those questions turned out to be bouncers to us.
  • The cut-off score for final round was 32. We were very far from it !
  • Navin Jayakumar did the job well. But somehow he could not match the flair of Derek O'Brien. The spontaneous humor, suspense build in the last round, as done by Derek were missing in this quiz.
  • The end goof up bit silly. The quizmaster had forgot that he has give trophy to the winners.
  • 'Swine flu' was the buzz of the evening. Many teams had name their team based on it. In fact best team name was "Pigs Fly .. Swine Flew".


[ I have noted that most of the questions .. will update here after composing it properly].


  1. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Please Do Upload the questions if possible.

  2. please find questions at http://quizzing.in/2009/05/02/landmark-quiz-mumbai-2009-review-questions/