21 November 2009

Telecom Sector in India

Following is the presentation we made on Telecom Sector in India as part of Business Environment Domain Study.

As part of domain study, it was amusing to follow industry updates on the sector on which is very dynamic. Having worked in previously in telecom domain, I was comfortable with jargons associated with the news-items. The learnings in the PGPM course very helpful to make business sense of new technologies. The presentation was done on 20th Nov 2009, already in one day there many new significant updates in the industry which are not part of above presentation.

A comprehensive report on the sector was also made part of domain study. The report was made 3 months back and I had uploaded it to scribd. The latest stats of the report says "6,383 Reads | 2,330 Downloads" and the document is in the 'scribd hotlist' for longtime.

Telecom Sector in India

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