01 November 2009

Students' Exchange experience

Last week we made a presentation to the faculties at our institute for sharing about students' exchange experience at European School of Business(ESB), Reutlingen. In order to make presentation for interactive we chose majority of experience thru video.

The first video covers the experience from academic point of view, highlighting the diverse environment.

In the second video we presented the fun part of the exchange program, highlighting trip-n-tours we had in 6 weeks.

Regarding detailed account on trips-n-tours, I have published about Lake Konstanz so far, pending posts are about City Tour of Reutlingen and Tübingen, Strasbourg, Switzerland, Munich and Heidelberg.


  1. Way back in 1997 I'd spent 1 year in Madhya Pradesh under the cultural exchange program of our school

  2. @srinidhi: nice to hear that ..i was not aware of educational cultural exchange program within India.