23 December 2009

Need a flagship train b/w Mumbai and Bangalore

There's a need for a super-fast train service between Mumbai and Bangalore for the segment who cannot afford air travel every-fine-day and will definitely pay a premium for fast and convenient train service. The present so called flagship train connection two cities is Udyan Express and it covers the distance of 1153 kms in 25 hrs! A very poor speed when compared to other inter city trains. For example Jaipur-Mumbai superfast express completes distance of 1159 kms in 17h 40m. Mamta Aunty are you listening ? There's no need to think out-of-the-box for this problem, just introducing a Garib-Rath service should be sufficient.

My opinion on this appeared in 'letters to editors' section of Deccan Herald on Monday, 21st Dec 2009.


  1. Surprising considering how fast Chennai-Bangalore trains are nowadays...probably has got something to do with single lines atleast on the hubli-miraj route...it will be great if they can cover in <16hrs

  2. Hey Shande, saw this via SRK's shared items on Google Reader!

    I actually remember reading this letter in Deccan Herald that day. I am sorry I didn't notice the name of the writer then :)

    But good idea, definitely!

  3. good idea.. read China has introduced super fast trains that cruise at 350kmph.. when will we have those? (Mumbai-Blr in 3 hours flat?)

  4. 350km/hr is a distant dream in India. Those things can be achieved in a short time at places where there's orchestrated governance, not at the places where policies are mainly driven by vote bank politics. Our fastest trains run at an average speed of 100 kmph and other important trains run at 60-70 kmph(average).

  5. Trains are decidedly slow in most parts of South India. Primary problem is that we have single lines on most routes, even on key routes.

  6. Now that Kharge is the new rail minister, can we expect some improvement in Karnataka?

    1. Not sure .. Infrastructure initiatives have long gestation period. Not sure whether Mr.Kharge can do wonders in 1 year :)