24 February 2010

HP Pavilion – a laptop which cannot be used as a “Lap” top

I am using HP Pavilion dv2710 laptop for last 13 months, was looking forward to share my review about it. But could not do so for last one month, as the laptop was in "ICU condition"; i.e. it was getting switched off due to overheat issue. The problem became very severe since the frequent hard shutdowns resulted in corruption of the C-drive. Anyways things are back on track now, as I got it serviced from the authorized service center in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Let me share a few minor horror stories i.e. not-so-good experience with the laptop.

  • No doubt looks-wise the laptop is very trendy but the practically the design is pretty bad. Worst is the mouse pad. It’s absolutely difficult to work with it, if you compare with mousepads of other models. So wherever I travel, I have to ensure that I am carrying an external USB mouse. So the basic purpose of portability is challenged by the design.
  • Weight – the laptop which was kept for the display in Chroma while making a buying decision was without battery, and it was around 2 kgs. The model which I bought (with battery) was 2.5 kgs .. 0.5 kg make a lot of difference especially when you carry the laptop along with you always.
  • Home Theatre offer
    • The major push for the buying decision was the offer of Free Philips home theatre.
    • To avail the offer one to send a DD of 1499 INR as shipping charges to Solutions Integrated Pvt Ltd in NCR, a firm to which HP has outsourced distribution of offer gifts.
    • Enthusiastically, I sent all the necessary documents by courier after registering the serial number in the hp website.
    • There was no response for 3-4 months. When I followed up by e-mails, they started beating around bush and asking question over question, when was it posted, what’s the consignment number etc.
    • After series of enquiries there was no reply and there was a couriered delivered to my residence saying that I have not sent the right serial number sticker.
    • Then, I acknowledged with right sticker and the re-validated Demand Draft[ DDs are of 6 month validity].
    • Unfortunately I got the response after a month that the offer period was over.
    • Whose fault is it ? I agree that I did a partial mistake. What took them so long to reply. They could just made a phone saying "send the right sticker", especially in times when tariffs are one paisa/sec.
  • Battery problem: Initially battery back used to be nearly an hour. Nowadays it's not even 10 minutes. My friend's one year Lenovo still gives 2-3 hrs back up !
  • Final the major issue is the overheating problem. Every friend or acquaintance who has same or similar HP laptop model has expressed complaints about this problems. All thanks to poor design which results in frequent dust deposits in heaksink section. The only solution is to get the laptop serviced once in six months. Got to say the designers have ensured that design of the laptop complex enough so that only authorized service center engineers would be able to open it. A nice way of making a revenue stream !


      1. I'd to sell off my 3 year old HP Pavilion tablet for a very low price due to similar issues. I've a LEnovo G550 now since 6 months and am very happy with it. Another fellow blogger, Harishankar is also equally disappointed wit HP laptop

      2. You are right Shande. When I went to HP Service Center and told about the overheating problem, they replied casually saying 'This is normal heat produced in the system, when you are using a laptop'. Overheating occurs within 10-15 minutes of use.

        I tried using heat sync but it was not useful.

      3. You should have bought Lenovo, I suggested you lenovo when u were buying... :P My lenovo still rocks.. Till date i have faced only one problem i.e w.r.t CD drive which they replaced it, other than that i dont have any issues. :) May be its time for you to buy new one or an IPAD ;)