08 October 2010

Sathodi, Banavasi, Jog, Ikkeri

Sathodi Falls is one of the challenging places to visit especially for Bangaloreans, firstly because of 400+ kms one-way distance and pathetic roads in last mile. Approximately a week ago, Divija initiated a thread among his friends that rainy season is over and it’s time for a trip. He included me also in the thread to discuss and seeking inputs for visiting to Sathodi. Based on my previous visit to the place, I sketched out a brief itinerary for the trip including some places nearby. As it happens usual in trip planning there were a few last minute drop-outs and drop-ins. Finally following people were on board: myself, Divija, Keshav, Kolle, Keshav Nandan, Goutham, Pawan, Pavan, Naveen, Sai and Arun.

The 50 feet Sathodi falls in one of graceful waterfalls in Karnataka.

As mentioned earlier the major challenge for reaching the falls was the last mile connectivity. Since our Tempo Traveller driver refused proceed ahead on kaccha roads we had to trek for last 5-6 kms. The heavy rains converted our trek into a stream walk !

Downstream of the falls is a reservoir by name Kodasahalli. One can get a sufficient glimpse of it enroute to the falls.

Overnight we stayed at Sirsi by managing to get an accommodation through Kolle's influential contact. Next day morning we continued the saga with a visit to Marikambha Temple. The walls of the temple were freshly painted for forthcoming Navaratri festival.

Our next destination was Banavasi which was once capital of Kadamba Dynasty. The major and only attraction of the place is Madhukeshwara temple. One of unique feature of temple is that there several miniature temples around the main temple representing gods of different place and directions.

Other salient features of main temple is that one of eyes of Nandi statue through pillars is pointing towards the goddess parvati in the adjacent temple.

After Banavasi, we headed towards Jog Falls and got a glimpse of the majestic falls from both viewpoints. Our major plan was to get to downstream of the falls but the major setback was the fact that downstream path has been blocked for months on account of some construction activity.

We winded up the trip with a visit to Aghoreshwara Temple in Ikkeri, which is 3 kms from Sagar. Experiencing calm atmosphere around the temple marked the perfect conclusion for the trip.