25 November 2010

Tripline: Sikkim Trip Report

Today morning while going through Forbes India magazine, I accidentally dropped on a write-up Next Generation Startups. The very first company in the list was Tripline.net, an online web service where one can narrate a story about a travel by putting the locations on a map, with animated lines, timelines and pictures.

I was desperatly looking for this kind of service using which I can interactively narrate my Sikkim trip experiences in a brief manner. Please find my self composed Sikkim story embedded above.

The interactive service with animated lines take the travelogues to a different level. Plotting the places has been made easy with three options Search, Geocoder and Custom Point. And one can easily import location wise photos from Flickr, Facebook or Picasa to increase visual appeal of the story.

At present the service is supported only on IE version 8 (not 6 and 7), Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser. The creators are yet give support for Internet Explorer.

Whatever may be the case, with this service Travelogues will never be the same again !


  1. shande,

    thanks for the writeup. one correction: tripline supports internet explorer v8...just not 6 or 7.



  2. Wow Sandeep!!! Good Find. its awesome... fell in love with it....

    So.... when is your next trip?

  3. @byron: u are welcome anytime. thanks for the correction .. have updated my post appropriately.

    @sweeya: thanks .. no concrete plans at present :)