25 June 2011

It's Five Years !

Can't believe for a moment that it's been five year since the time I started this blog.

In the last five years, the blog undergone gradual transformation. I have attempted to make the look and feel as contemporary as possible. Content-wise this blog is turning out to be a travel blog as I am getting inclined towards the contents which have longer shelf life. It's evident from analytic reports of the blog that travelogues have majority share in terms of page views.

Here're my major travel stories in last one year
There are many travels and related stories in pipeline. Stay tuned for more amusing updates Not to mention, I am posting this from Deserts in the Skies which is popularly known as Ladakh :)


  1. congrats n keep going,.. you n raveesh started together?

  2. Congrats. I am newbie to this field. Keep on posting.