22 February 2012

Photowalk to Pottery Town

Pottery Town is a street full of pottery vendors in cantontment area of Bangalore. It was formed years ago when Government decided to give a piece of land as lease to a group of twenty families for making potteries. The profession has been carried on for three generations and not to mention the place offers many unique subjects to photography enthusiasts.

  25 years of practice makes you perfect 

Being part of Bangalore Photowalk Group I got a chance to visit this beautiful place and capture the moments which are hard to find anywhere else in Bangalore.

  Vasudev the Potter 

It was interesting to note that Mr. Vasudev ( in the above picture) decided to pursue profession of his ancestors despite being a Mechanical Engineer by qualification.

Piggy banks

Pottery is situated close Frazer Town and adjacent railway tracks between Cantt and East Railway Station.  Saturday morning is the best time to visit this place as most of the potters don't work on Sundays.

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  1. The first image shows how soft the clay is when on the pottery wheel. Well clicked!
    I too visited pottery town someday. I clicked something more than pots. You can't guess what
    Read my experience http://gvsparx.blogspot.com/2014/04/freaking-funny-fails-pottery-town.html