15 September 2013

On the sets of LUCIA

It was shooting of a press conference sequence and the LUCIA team needed a bunch of photographers (or people with cameras) who can create the environment by pumping flash on the actors. In the process I managed capture a few photographs and not to mention I made an appearance in a few frames in the final cut of the movie :)

Siddharth Nuni instructed his team for correct the lightings
Director and the cinematorgrapher
Associate Director Rajath in action

Gopalan Kennedy - playing the role of music director

Telugu Speaking Producer of Rome

Hardhika Shetty - as lead actress of Rome

Nikhil walking towards his lover Shwetha
End of the sequence

Apart from watching the proceedings, being on the sets was a great learning experience. I got to know many practical stuffs which are essential for making event a simple movie.


  1. Write more on the learning experience... :)

    1. I will share it in the form of a short movie :)

    2. excellent.. waiting for it