09 September 2013

The LUCIA experience

The wait was finally over ! On my birthday I was at PVR Orion with my photowalk buddy Narayanan to watch LUCIA on silver screen. After following the updates closely on making of the film for 1.5 years and seeing the resultant playing out on a silver screen is a different experience altogether. 

Shruthi Hariharan in Lucia
Right from the initial credits you'll be engaged with the screen thinking what's happening, what's that and so on. All credits to creative non-linear narrative which made the audience think and force them connect the dots to understand the crux of the storyline.

Shot with a shoe string budget the movie scores well in all departments which have been blended perfectly by the director. They could have easily comprised with technical and entertaining elements by giving lame excuse of budget but with 51 lakhs the team has produced a gem, in the era when many filmmakers to fail to make a decent watchable movie even with a budget of 51 crores ! Other important aspect is default subtitles which made non-Kannadigas comfortable in cherishing the LUCIA experience !

Climax of Lucia- Shot a Gokarna
Apart from presenting a solid story, Lucia manages make an implicit pun on stereotypical elements in Kannada films.  It also highlights the state of single screen theaters and involvement of mafia in forcing the theater owners to sell their property to make way for multiplexes.

The making of the movie has been a blockbuster story on its own sense. It started from rant by Pawan in his personal blog when producers of Sandalwood declined to invest in his "Project Lucia" and the rest has been history. With a few out-of-box marketing techniques from the team made managed to get them investor and distributors, thereby creating a disruptive and sustenable model. Kudos to Pawan and team for pulling this off with flying colors ! 

An Aside:
Seeing myself on silver screen in a few frames was a perfect birthday gift. Yes, you can spot me in 3-4 shots of press conference sequence. Also, the experience of being to sets of the movie was a learning experience. So much effort and energy has to be put in filming a simple sequence of 100 seconds !

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