26 January 2014

Bidar: The Crown of Karnataka

Incomplete/Damaged tomb of Bahamani Sultan Humayun at Ashtur
It was 1st day of November, I along with Jatin arrived in Bidar city which is famously known as crown of Karnataka. Most of our co-passengers in the train were localities and were traveling to their homes for Diwali vacations. The Rajyotsava celebrations were low profile and I could hardly spot red+yellow flag on the autos and at 'rounds-about' in major junctions. Most people were happy that it was a holiday !

With help from Prabhakar(my colleague Nagaraj's brother), we managed to get a decent budget accommodation in heart of the city. He also arranged for an autorickshaw and the auto driver infact was schoolmate of Prabhakar. The sightseeing started from visit to Papanash shiva temple. Then we covered famous Gurudwara Jhira Saheb, a historic place where Guru Nanak through divine intervention created fountain of sweet water when it was difficult to find potable water in entire region. Now, a beautiful Gurdwara has now been constructed by the side of the fountain. Opposite to Gurudwara there's a big park under-development in between which you can find a gigantic Khanda(Sikh Symbol).

Park with Khanda under development at Gurudwara Jhira Saheb
Bidar fort was the most awaited place for us especially after seeing many times on TV for being shooting location for recent hit numbers Gaganeve Bagi(Sanju weds Geetha) and Ishq Sufiyaana(Dirty Picture). However, the major attraction of the place Rangeen Mahal was not open to public we had compromise with whatever stuffs were in exteriors that too at not-so-great-lighting-conditions.

One of Entrance to the fort

Next to Cafeteria of the Fort.
Bahamani Tombs at Ashtur is relatively far from other monuments in Bidar. If you have not done proper homework, the auto guys may give this place a skip ! The monuments are isolated and have a feel good feeling if you compare with ambience of the fort. There dozens of big structures at this place and one of the tombs is currently operational, there's incomplete/damage tomb, and several small tombs.

Bahamani Tombs at Ashtur
Incomplete/Damaged tomb of Sultan Humanyan has difference appeal and looks like a unique structure and not to mention the perfect lighting conditions made it more photogenic for our frames :)

Section of the Tomb.
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