21 February 2014

Dandeli Trip

Supa Saddle Dam
The planning for the trip started from exchange of a few messages on Facebook with Shrinidhi, and as always he came with a draft plan within a few hours. The overall planning and execution of the trip was done in consultation with Dandeli.com travel agency, who helped us in getting decent deals for accommodation and adventure activities. Since there was lot of traveling in the plan we opted for a self drive Maruti Ertiga hired from carz-on-the-rent. Find review about vehicle from Srinidhi at Ertiga all rounder.

Unchalli Falls

Day-0: Departure from Bangalore 

We started from bangalore around midnight. On the way we picked up Srinidhi's relatives at Shimoga, Sagar. The ride pretty exciting as drove in early morning with almost zero visibility. All kudos to Ravi was managing to drive in difficult stretch.

Kali Adventure Camp

Day-1: Arrival at Dandeli

  • Quick detour to Unchalli Falls near Siddapura. 
  • Reached Dandeli via Sirsi, Yellapura. 
  • Came across massive bullock cart rally on the way. 
  • Checked-in at Kali Adventure Camp in Dandeli. 
  • Safari at some so-called forest near Dandeli. We had to compromise with fake pug marks ! Not to mention that I dozed most of the times in the ride.

    Sunset at HuliGudda

Day-2: Rafting, Dandeli Jungle Camp 

  • Started the day with casual walk around Kali adventure camp. 
  • White water rafting at Kali river 
  • Witnessed Sunset at Huligudda 
  • Overnight stay at Dandeli Jungle Camp 

Day-3: Syntheri Rocks, Gokarna 

  • Birding at Kattige Depot in Dandeli town ( didn't spot anything due to heavy mist). 
  • Visit to Syntheri rocks 
  • Warship museum at Rabindranath Tagore Beach, Karwar 
  • Sunset at Gokarna.

Yana Caves

Day-4: Drive back to Bangalore 

It was an action packed day with 600kms+ driving. We started with wake-up at Gokarna, then witnessed sunrise at Yana, stopped for breakfast at Kumta, Lunch at Shimoga, Sunset at Mullayangiri and back in bangalore for dinner !

Google Map Logs of our Return Journey


  • Rafting is fun and must-do at Dandeli. 
  • Jungle safari organized at Kali Adventure Camp is waste of time and energy. 
  • Somehow missed out in staying JLR's Old Magazine house. Should plan to stay there next time ! 
  • I failed to get decent photograph of hornbills. so need to revisit the place again in future :) 
  • Google Maps was handy throughout the trip. It saved our time at many places when we usually miss crucial diversions.


  1. Good summary of the trip. Yana and Rafting was great explorations

  2. Your post reminded me of the best moments spent in Dandeli. Hope to visit this place soon.

  3. Awesome!!!Very interesting post... Beautiful pictures...