15 April 2014

Temple Tower at Murdeshwar

Front facade of Murdeshwar Temple Tower
The 18 storey temple tower at Murdeshwar is very prominent from the National Highway which 2 kms away from the town. Unlike typical temple towers this one provide accesses to visitors for getting to the top. And not to mention you have a swift elevator to getting there by paying nominal entry fee of Rs. 10.

After getting to the top the perspective of the the Shiva statue and the beach become pretty interesting and definitely worth a keep for photographers.

Shiva Statue as seen from the temple tower

Murdeshwar Beach looks very different from the top
The Murdeshwar beach along with Naveen Beach Hotel showing the scale of landscape makes an interesting frame.

I have observed many tourist giving the tower a skip and missing out on interesting perspectives. So if you are visiting Murdeshwar temple in future do make a quick visit to temple tower.

About Murdeshwar:

The town is 400+ kms from Bangalore and it's just an overnight for many people. Apart from Temple and the beach, off late of the major attraction at this place Scuba Diving organized by various diving academies. Read about my experience of Scuba Diving at Netrani Island.

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