18 July 2014

Safari Ride thru Karnataka's Countryside

Last Saturday, after a fruitful outing at Maindenahalli, in order to make effective use of rest of time we had two options in mind i.e. either go for Madhugiri fort or to Pavagada. After a brief brainstorming, we decided to go ahead with Pavagada as Madhugiri can be covered in future thru short trips from Bangalore. The visit to Pavadaga turned out be disappointing as we could not find proper guidance for getting to top of fort, hillock. After having lunch at a small hotel, we decided returned back and visit Madhugiri late in evening. But, we didn't have sufficient time for getting atop Madhugiri hills and had to backtrack in mid-way.

Even though the second half of the trip was disappointing, the journey to Pavagada and back to Madhugiri was quite interesting. We followed the directions suggested by Google Maps instead of taking straightforward route through State Highways. On the way, we got the many scenic spots and also for a brief period we passed through Andhra Pradesh crossing a town by name Madakasira.

Somewhere in between I.D. Halli and Madikasara

Banyan Tree in between Maidenahalli and I.D.Halli

A shiva temple under construction in Tadi village

This side is Karnataka and that side is Andhra - between Pavagada and Madakasira

While entering Madakasira

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