11 July 2014

Shivanasamudram: Gaganachukki & Bharachukki

One of the obvious ways of judging state of monsoons in Karnataka is by looking at amount of water flowing through important water falls? Last weekend I had been to Barachukki falls in Shivanasumudram while covering a few places around Mysore. Looking at the condition of the falls and comparing with its condition previous year one can easily conclude that the monsoon rains in 2014 has been way below normal. As the cliche goes, a picture is worth many words .. the below two photos are one of perfect example for it !

Bharachukki Falls in 2013
Bharachukki Falls in 2014

Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls in Shivanasamudram are one of the most frequently visited weekend getaways for Bangaloreans. The serene location along with significant history associated with it and combination with other nearby locations Talakadu+Somnathpura makes it a perfect destination for a day trip from Bangalore. I have been this place several times for school trip, college trip, with colleagues and for exploratory bike rides, weekend drives as well. 

Gaganachukki Falls

Bharachukki Falls through a Forest Departments Signboard. This was shot in 2013 and surprisingly this board was missing during my 2014 visit !
To Get There from Bangalore:
From Bangalore you need to exit from Kanakapura Road and head south via Kanakapura to Malavalli. At Malavalli you need to take left and around 15 kms ahead you will get a small road deviation for Gaganachukki Falls viewpoint. The traffic on this stretch gets heavy during daytime. So it's recommended to do onward journey from Bangalore very early in morning. During our 2013 visit we started from Bangalore very early around 4.30 am and reached our first destination around 6.15 am beating all the traffic on-the-way.  From Gaganachukki waterfall viewpoint you need to backtrack a bit and need to do an additional journey of 10 kms for getting to viewpoint of Bharachukki falls as indicated in the map below

Map Details:
The view points of both the falls eventhough appear close on a map but on road from one place to the other it's around 10 kms ! So plan your itinerary appropriately if you are planning to cover both the view points.

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